So many request for a pictorial on the colors the AmStaff can be has led to this page. This breed comes in such a wide variety of colors so .......Enjoy!

Note: These pics are placed with the color name that is correct. All pics were submitted for viewing on this site by individuals. There is a lot of discussion on the different colors which is what led me to do this page. The colors are represented by dogs that most clearly are of that color. Any other site which attempts to copy this page is not in connection with the ASN. 

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Here is "Diamond". Her color is true black and she also has almost black eyes. You know the color is true black because there is no other color present other than black- no tan tips or any other shading is present.


Here is "Rocket". His color is clear red. Each hair is one solid color. The eyes should be as dark brown as possible. The masking is black and the nose is black as well as all pigment is heavy and black.

BLACK & TAN POINT (also called tri-color)

Here is "Taz". He is what a lot of people call tri color which is the same thing as or really should be called Black and Tan Point. The tan point colored dogs have a set pattern that is the same as one would see on a Rottweiler, Doberman or Manchester Terrier.

BLUE & TAN POINT (also called tri-color)

Here is "Disco". She is another variation of the "tri-color". You will hear this also called a blue-tri.

This little puppy is showing all the places that will have the tan 'points'. The points will be on the cheeks, dots over the eyes, inside of ears, somewhere on the chest, and on the bottom half of the legs and under the tail. The only place not shown on this puppy that is a dead giveaway is under the tail.


Here is "Willey". His coat has a black base with brindling on fronts of legs, cheeks, fronts of back legs. He has a black nose. His markings are just like as if he were a tan point but the points are brindle. This pattern can also come as a blue with brindle points.


Here is "Dixie". She is what many people call a smut or sable. Her base coat is fawn but she has a heavy black overlay that creates a heart-shaped pattern on the face. It is not the same as a tri-color or tan point. Sometimes the overlay will be heavier and sometimes it will be very light. The overlay can also appear as a darker red over the fawn or in blues as a darker blue/fawn overlay. This is essentially just a buckskin with a very heavy overlay.


Here is "Uno". Buckskin resembles fawn except for the black masking and black hairs down the middle of the back and dark hairs going down the tail. There is also some shading throughout the middle of the back. This can also come with several shades as the basecoat such as red, red/fawn or the traditional fawn.


Here is "Dixie". She is a true fawn dog. She has heavy black pigment throughout her face and lips and nose- even all throughout her body and ears but not a mask. Her body coat is a true fawn all the way through with heavy black pigment underneath.


Here is "Tyler". He is a basic brindle with red/fawn shading. He is listed as just brindle because his color is even throughout and does not seem to be a red brindle, fawn brindle or black brindle but just basic brindle.


Here is "Bonnie". She has a fawn base coat with brown stripes. Her pigment is very dark and can either be dark dark brown or black.


Here is "Eli". He is a black brindle. He has a black base coat with the slight red/fawn brindling. There is heavy black on the body with the stripes not so heavy throughout.


Here is "Granata". He is a vibrant red brindle. The base coat is red and the brindling is black and sometimes can appear brownish.


Here is "Magic". He is a vibrant mahogany brindle. Note the difference between him and the red brindle is not much!! The mahogany brindle is just darker and usually the brindling is brownish instead of black.


The first dog is "Deacon" and he's a basic blue brindle. His base coat is actually a fawn and his brindling is a medium shade of blue. The second one is "Voodoo" and she is a silver blue brindle- she has a fawn base coat with light blue brindling. Both have blue noses. Deacon's nose is almost black and Voodoo's nose is a basic blue. The eyes should not be light on blue brindles but it does matter what color these dogs come in, the eyes should be DARK (brown!). Deacon's eyes are a dark brown and I am not sure of Voodoo's.


"Willy" is the first dog. He is a basic blue and he has a blue nose. This color can be from very light to so very dark it almost appears black. The second dog "Zeus" represents how dark blue can be! This is called Navy Blue and the nose is barely distingustable from black even in bright sunlight. His eyes are dark brown.


Here is "Tonya". She is a brightly colored blue/fawn. She has a red/fawn base coat with blueish tone to it and a blue nose. Some blue/fawns have such a light blue overlay and such a dark blue nose that it's hard to tell if they whether they are red or blue/fawn.


Here "Cleo" and she is a seal colored dog. She actually looks like a chocolate in this pic. The color of seal can range from seeming black all the way to a chocolate shade. Some think of this as a black but it's not a true black. It has tan tipping throughout the coat or around the neck or shoulders. If the dog seems black but out in the sunlight has some sort of tan anywhere or seems 'faded'.. then it's a SEAL.  The tips or lighter shading will be seen on the sides, around the shoulders and sometimes in the loin.


Here is "Bully". He is a definite white. Not much to explain there! This one has black pigment but they can have blue pigment.

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